It’s no longer about the impressions you buy. It’s about the impression you make.

The Garden is a new breed of creative company.

We’re dedicated to solving the problems faced by companies who understand that it’s the customer who is now leading the conversation. We believe that in order to succeed into the future, businesses need to find ways to delight people with every single interaction. In essence, we want to help companies make better impressions.

We believe that modern marketing isn’t about what your company says. It’s about how it behaves.

It’s the experience people have every time they encounter your brand. How they feel as they try your product, see you in their feed or wait on hold.

It’s about every department within your company working together to create one amazing customer experience.

It’s what you stand for, the values you share with your customers and the genuine difference you make in their lives.

When executed with sincerity and authenticity, modern marketing can cause people to do an incredible thing – they advertise for you.

The Garden was created to help companies seamlessly build modern marketing into every aspect of what they do.

We put your team at the heart of our process from beginning to end.

1. Problems.

We think the best solutions are born out of well defined problems. We work along side your team to help discover your brand’s core purpose and unearth the real problems that need solving.

2. Solutions.

Our workshops create the conditions needed to fuel the ideas that lead to solutions. These solutions can come in all forms, from brand repositioning to operational design, social strategies or even product and customer experience innovations. The possibilities are endless.

3. Execution.

Bringing the solutions to life may require a broad range of skills and expertise. Whether they be a developer, technologist, interior designer, service consultant or even the latest Youtube star, we work with the best in order to execute flawlessly.

The Founders

These are the core principles that drive how we do business.


We believe in the golden rule – treat others the way you want to be treated. When everyone in the room feels like they are valued, they are more likely to contribute something of value. It’s a simple premise and a much nicer way to work.


Honesty builds stronger relationships. Strong relationships build great things. We promise to own up to our mistakes, admit when we’re wrong and never agree with you when we actually don’t.

Plain speak.

Our industry is filled with useless jargon. These words are at best used to impress, and at worst to intimidate or baffle. None of which, in our opinion, are known paths towards clear, concise solutions.


Life is too short to not love what you do. We find that working with like minded, passionate people is not only more fun, it also leads to better, more creative solutions.

Write us if you need:

  • A vision, voice, look and feel for a new brand.
  • A refresh of an existing brand.
  • Service innovation or new product ideas.
  • Customer experience strategies and innovation.
  • Creation of an operational ecosystem.
  • Naming and positioning of a new product or idea.
  • Connection strategies that don’t rely on big media budgets.
  • True meaning and insight as it relates to your data.
  • Creative ideas that actually connect with people, not just interrupt them.
  • Content development and production.
  • Internal culture building.
  • Beautiful design.

We’d love to chat.